New Sequences
New Sequences will help you create a business that is well-planned, thoughtful, effectively managed and financially sound for practitioners and teachers of yoga, meditation and the healing arts.

The Camera Page
On this site you'll find lots of toy cameras as well as a variety of vintage ameras, and the pictures they take.

Norwegian Immigration Association
The NIA collects and preserves the living history of Norwegian immigrants to the New York area. It enables those of Norwegian descent to explore their cultural legacy.
GRW Advertising
Advertising agency located in New York City.

Bay Ridge Center
Located in the heart of southwest Brooklyn, the Bay Ridge Center exists to serve the needy, to improve the quality of life for the area’s senior population, and enable those at risk to remain in their homes and neighborhood.

Koinonia has been serving Lutheran campers and their friends since 1962. The camp's 1200 acres and pristine lake in beautiful upstate New York provide a stunning backdrop for activities.
Scandinavian East Coast Museum
Museum in Brooklyn that documents the loves of Scandinavians who settled throughout the East Coast of the United States.
Mary Feinsinger
Mary Feinsinger has been described and a unique talent, the world's greatest Yiddish scat singer.
Brooklyn Psychotherapist
Psychotherapy practice located in Brooklyn, New York
Norwegian Christian Home and Health Center
Nursing home founded by Norwegian-Americans a century ago, committed to providing the best possible care for all in need.
Monte Brisas
Site created for visitors interested in purchasing a home in this Vieques Island area.
Brooklyn Institute for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
BIPP welcomes all mental health professionals.
Nordic Delicacies
Gourmet shop in Brooklyn specializing in Scandinavian foods, which I photographed as a showcase for their products.
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